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I have kept my horse Noddy at Monshall for over four years, and he has really enjoyed the time he has spent there. There is an abundance of Grass in the summer months, plenty of haylage through the winter and lots of natural shelter for them. The grazing is in excellent condition and always well maintained. He has been with the same group of horses all the time and he naturally settled into a herd environment.

He has always been well looked after, with care and attention, and I have been updated with photos and texts on how he is. He is rugged up in winter and Nat has always done a super job making sure he does not get too cold or too hot. If you want your horse to enjoy a natural retirement with the assurance that they are being attended to and cared for, I think you would find Monshall Retirement to be very suitable.
Anne-Marie Bennett
Nat does a great job in looking after all the equines at Monshall. She is conscientious about their welfare, checking them a number of times throughout the day and knows each individual horse / pony. It is the best form of establishment, and the horses really do come first unlike establishments where the retirements come second in line to the attached livery yard.

All year round, there truly is plenty of grazing, the fields are a fantastic size and the horses have access to ad lib hay / haylage when required.

It is always a pleasure to visit and lovely to see the horses interacting with each other and looking so content. Since moving William to Monshall in November 2011, he has never looked better, seemed happier and is so lucky to retire to such a beautiful setting!
Hannah Brown
My pony was very happy in her new environment. Lush green fields,and plenty of fresh air in The Devon countryside, living outdoors all year round. Before I moved her down to Devon, she was kept on a livery yard, and stabled day and night. When she (Ruby) arrived at Monshall I think she thought she was in horse heaven.

Natalie Banbury who looked after our horses,was very supportive and kind. She attended all the vet visits and was with Ruby right up to the end. I believe my pony was very happy there. My partner also has a horse there. He is very happy and settled living out. He is in a large field with a small group of other horses.

We visit at least once a year and find Natalie is very welcoming and always finds time even during the busiest seasons. We are both happy with the service Natalie provides and would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of retiring their horse. You could not find a better place and owner than Monshall (a horse heaven in beautiful Devon)
Imogen Caldwell
I was recommended to send my much-loved event/dressage horse to Monshall when lameness forced his early retirement at 14 years old.  He has been there for four years now and I could not have found a lovelier home for him.

Not only is the farm a real 'horsey heaven' but the care and attention Natalie gives her retired horses is second to none.  I have complete confidence and peace of mind knowing my boy is so well cared for and happy in his retirement.
Bobbie Day
I retired my horse Poppet in 2008 to Natalie's yard.
I was really nervous about leaving her but I could not have asked for better care for Pops She is a thirty two year old Cob Cross with attitude especially when the vet comes to call, and if it had not been for Natalie's care last winter I feel I might have lost Pops as she had to have five teeth out.

Whatever I ask is done and the fields are always changed regularly (you do not find that very often in livery yards!!)

So if you are thinking about retirement for your horse all I can say is when I reach retirement I wish I could find a home like this.
Teresa Goodwin and Pops x
Having had my TB mare since she was a yearling and looked after her every day for 20 years, the decision to send her away to retirement livery was incredibly difficult and emotional.  After months of researching and getting prices/information, I came across Natalie's website and (after a fairly traumatic car journey ... long story!) arrived at her yard for a look round. 

Two months later, I dropped off my mare and left her in Natalie's care.  Since then, I have had emails, texts and pictures, all showing her to be well, happy and settled with her mini-herd - and the Facebook page is always being updated with photos of the horses and life at Monshall.  I am able to visit whenever I want and know that Natalie will contact me if there is anything I need to know - she is always happy to chat on the phone. 

Highly recommended ... five stars :-)
Pauline Henson
I have worked with Nat Banbury at Monshall Equine retirement since she set the business up many years ago. Horses and ponies are kept naturally at pasture in small groups providing a comfortable, safe and enjoyable retirement with low stress levels.

This in turn gives happy horses and ponies. Regular farriery, dental and veterinary treatments are provided as needed. All in all the facilities and care give a superb home for all the horses and ponies in Nat’s care.
Jon Herrod-Taylor B.Vet.Med MRCVS
Firstly I would like to say what a fantastic life my horses are having with Natalie at her retirement livery, it was a very hard decision at the time as I knew I would not see blue and splash every day but after meeting Natalie and seeing the peaceful happy life she can give them I knew it was right for them, I can visit them whenever I like and have regular updates and pictures on how they are doing.

Natalie treats every horse like her own and dedicates her whole life to them, making sure they have the most 5* retired life they could wish for, so if you are in a similar situation and your horses mean as much as they mean to me then when the time comes for you to repay them for all the pleasure they have given you over the years this is the place to come, I can't rate Natalie enough and to know my horses are happy and safe means the world to me.....thank you Nat xx
Vicky and Sue Lacey
After 26 years of service I decided that my Exmoor pony deserved a well-earned rest. I researched many equine retirement homes but none came close to the acres of peaceful, rolling countryside that Monshall had to offer.  After a couple of phone calls to Nat I was 100% sure it was the right place for him to retire, primarily because Nat is a genuine animal lover and the welfare of her liveries is top priority. 

My pony has been a resident at Monshall for a couple of years now and he’s never looked happier. He is checked daily and Nat regularly posts photos of him on facebook so I can see how he’s doing.  It’s great to see him roaming around with the other pensioners and it’s comforting to know that Nat is always there keeping a watchful eye on him.  If I were a horse, I’d want to retire here!
Caroline Lee
I cannot thank Nat enough for the care and attention and peace of mind she provides for me and I’m sure this can be said for all the other Monshall horse owners. The fact that Nat also takes time to take and upload photos of our beloved pets so we can see them regularly goes to show how considerate and understanding she is. It’s also great to see life on the farm with dogs, children, pigs etc.

There are many owners who live far away so to have a photo of your beloved horse and see how happy and healthy they look is just so lovely. This home is horse heaven and I’m sure that if the horses/ponies could talk they would agree. I highly recommend the farm for any owner who is considering retiring their horse/pony. Go and see it for yourself – you will not be disappointed.  

Thank you Nat and your family xx
Rachel Packer
I'd owned Jack for over 10 years when he began to have soundness problems, with arthritis of the coffin joints in both front feet the eventual diagnosis. Despite varied treatments it got to the stage where Jack could no longer be ridden and retirement was the best option for him. I thought I might struggle to not only find what I was looking for (somewhere perfect for Jack) but also struggle to 'let go'! That was until I found Monshall Horse Retirement and met Nat.

I can't recommend Monshall Horse Retirement enough. The location is idyllic, and when meeting Nat and having the tour, it struck me immediately how happy and chilled all the horses and ponies were in their well matched groups, whilst still being cared for as individuals. Nat's commitment, devotion and expertise was clear to see as well.

Jack is now one of those 'happy and chilled' horses! Moving Jack to Devon was a big decision, but the right decision.....I've never regretted it and can honestly say I have no concerns at all. Nat kindly posts lots of photos and updates on Facebook so it seems like I see him more, and the confidence I have in her makes all the difference. I just wish I have somewhere as nice to retire to when it's my turn!!
Jo Thomas
On emigrating overseas, I knew I couldn't take my veteran pony (then aged 25) with me but I wanted to make sure she got the best possible care in her golden years. After looking at several equine retirement homes, I chose Monshall. Nat is a wealth of equestrian knowledge. More importantly when we looked around Monshall, the horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes were all calm, contented and enjoying the twilight years of their lives in small and happy herds.

Nat expertly ensures that their individual needs are met. She also makes sure that I'm kept up-to-date with plenty of news and photographs of my pony. The beautiful and tranquil surroundings of Monshall just add to the charms.
Sarah Whittington
My horse Elly has been at Nats since September 2011. We had retired her but she needed more freedom than she was getting at our DIY livery. Luckily we discovered Nat. Initially we had 2 main worries -  how would she cope with being out all winter and would she get too fat in the summer, food being her only interest in life.
We needn't have worried. We visited her on one particularly wet and windy day the first winter only to find her all rugged up sheltering with her pals behind a hedge and feeling quite warm. And, because she's out all the time, she doesn't have to grab the 1st blade of grass she sees. She spends a lot of the time not eating and she's actually slimmer now than when she was stabled. And she's much sweeter tempered! Her mobility is better and her hooves are much stronger now she's not shod.
Nat does the rounds, rain or shine, dark or light, 3 times a day and evidence of that is regularly posted on Facebook which is so reassuring to see. Nat is also very observant and would pick up quickly on anything that was not quite right. She knows all the horses individually. 
It makes us very happy to find Elly so happy and contented when we visit her and would not hesitate in recommending Nat's facilities to anyone who, like us, needs to find a forever home for their much loved servant.

Jenny Chetwin (Barnstaple)      
I have had my horse Tilly since she was 6 months old and cared for her myself until she was in her mid twenties. It was, therefore, an extremely difficult decision to retire her away from our home.  I struggled to find a suitable retirement home for her.

After we visited Monshall Farm and met with Natalie, we were sure that this would be the right place for her.  Tilly has now been at Monshall farm for the past four years:  letting her go there was one of the best decisions we have made and seeing her so happy and relaxed is just lovely. Last year she was quite poorly and we did not think she would pull through; it is testament to Natalie's care and expertise that she recovered and now looks fitter and happier than ever.  I look forward to visiting her, knowing that she is happy and so well cared for gives real peace of mind.

Rebecca Clewett
We were looking around for retirement livery for our two advanced dressage horses and finding it difficult to know where to send them as so many people were telling us stories of horses not being properly cared for in retirement.  Ann Marie Bennett, a livery of ours, suggested getting in touch with Natalie as her (Anne Marie's) horse had retired and been with Natalie for years and had always been content and well, she said.

To cut a long story short our two have been with Natalie for over a year now and are really enjoying their retirement. We were concerned as they have always been kept stabled with us, rugged clipped etc and treated like royalty! Nat said they would be fine and she was absolutely right, in the photos she sends us they both look happy healthy and really well.

It is never easy when competition horses are no longer sound enough to compete or work comfortably but still are enjoying life. Natalie has given our very special horses a lovely last few years that they thoroughly deserve.

Sue McMahon and Gary McKenna
My horse has been with Natalie at Monshall Farm since 2012. He is an old boy and I wanted to find him a place where he was able to be a horse with no expectations of him while receiving the utmost care. Monshall is the most fantastic, well managed, stress free livery you will find.

Natalie takes excellent care of the horses and ponies and has a very caring and practical approach at a very competitive price. I receive regular updates via SMS and photographs via her Facebook page. I cannot speak highly enough of Natalie and Monshall Farm and would be more than happy to recommend this livery to anyone.
Zoe Cahill
My horses have been in Monshall Farm for around 10 years and it has been such a pleasure visiting them and watching them enjoy simply being horses. Nat is very knowledgeable and she, together with her local vet and farrier, has looked after them so well.

The environment in which the horses live couldn’t be better. I would not have any hesitation in recommending this retirement livery.

6 years or so ago my horse had reached the time to retire. Being based in Surrey it was a real concern and priority to find the right location and set up for her latter years. Nat has been perfect, Polly is looked after extremely well, and the regular text and picture updates along with the calendar at New year with the horses pictures are the extra touch that makes this such a great place.

Nat takes care of all requirements , jab updatesn shooing and worming and any medical needs and rug requirements that we sleep soundly knowing what lovely hands she is in.

And whenever we can make it down we are always welcomed so warmingly by Nat and her family, being taken to exactly where she is and what she has been up to.

I cannot rate her service higher than 10 out of 10 but I can assure the service deserves higher. A thorough recommendation from us.
Helen and Paul Bird, Surrey
Monshall Farm comes highly recommended.  Larkie has been in Nat’s care for just over 6 years, having moved to Nat’s farm from a poorly run retirement yard in Cornwall. I am delighted with the excellent care and individual attention given to my much-loved horse over the years she has been living at Monshall Farm.

Nat is extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring, and treats my horse as if she were her own.  Nat builds firm relationships with the horses, getting to know their personalities very well.  What I like about visiting Larkie is that Nat will always find time to come out to the field with you and give you a very in-depth update on your horse. 

As a very old lady Larkie (34 years) needs short feed twice daily.  Grazing is rotated and she always has plenty of it, even in the winter months!  Nat shows true devotion to all the horses and ponies in her care.  I have no hesitation in recommending Nat’s care to anyone looking for a loving home for their horse’s retirement.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Monshall Farm.
Verity Borchard
My horse Gilbert is a long term resident of Monshall. He was only 7 years old when he retired. Life at a conventional livery yard did not suit my gorgeous 17hh horse. Nat Banbury and Monshall came to our rescue. Nat made the decision making so easy and helped me realise that what was best for Gilbert was far more important than any ridden career I had dreamt of.
So after two + years of living in a herd environment with only natural boundaries and acres and acres to roam the good news is Gilbert's sarcoids have subsided.. He has had not one injury or illness whilst being at Monshall and I have had no vets bills :)
Gilbert and all the other horses' welfare is Nats top priority and this really shows in her commitment and enthusiasm, her expertise and passion is second to none. Nat always welcomes you with open arms when you go to visit the boys, and nothing is too much trouble for her. I get regular photos and updates on him and welcome Christmas time coming as I get a lovely calender full of photos of Gilbert and his herd mates. Gilbert is the healthiest he has ever been and I can honestly say has never looked better, he lives a totally stress free natural lifestyle, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

A massive thank you Nat, FIVE STARS for Monshall Retirement Livery.

Amanda Cox, Equine Behaviour Consultant
Thank you Nat for caring for my 3 horses so well, it is like heaven for horses at Monshall, having looked after my own horses all my life it was a hard decision to let them go, but what Monshall offers for horses is amazing, the horses can be horses again and live out their days doing what comes naturally and I don't have to worry about their welfare.

Sam Mackay
Rose Mill Feeds, Ilminster
When I lost my oldest pony last spring, I was left with my mare who had been his companion for 20 years.  Not wanting to take on another pony of my own I decided to look for a place where my mare could enjoy her retirement in peace, and thats when I found Natalie. 

I went to visit and was very happy with what I saw and so a couple of weeks later took my pony up Monshall.  Being prone to laminitis, she is kept with a group who also have similar needs and all has been well, and she is happy and relaxed in her surroundings.

Even when she had a brief illness, Natalie  and her family were amazing, checking her hourly through the night, they really went above and beyond the call of duty. 

I cannot recommend Natalie and Monshall Retirement Livery highly enough, and hope my pony has many more happy years there.

Emma Tomkins
It was a huge decision to retire Melody, as I could not imagine not seeing her daily , but a particularly bad bout of C.O.P.D made me see that I needed to find a place where Melody could live out 24/7.

I could not believe how lucky I was when I found Monshall Farm, as it is only about 3 miles from where I live.  Natalie is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to giving the best care and attention. Melody has been at Monshall for 1 1/2 years, and it is the best decision I could have made, her breathing has improved immeasurably and she has settled in to her group very well.

I have owned Melody for 15 years and she has given me immense pleasure, this is now her time to chill out with her friends in the lush Devon countryside.

Theresa Edwards (Hatherleigh)
My mare, Willow, has been with Natalie for approximately 8 years, after I was forced to prematurely retire her through injury.
As Willow is a tough New Forest pony, I wanted her retirement to be as natural as possible and struggled to find a retirement home that could offer 24/7 turnout and a consistent herd environment, then I was fortunate to find Monshall Farm and Natalie!
We went to visit Natalie and she showed genuine interest in my little mare and happily sat through my photo albums of Willow and listened to her achievements and we came away feeling that we'd finally found Willows new home. She moved in a month later and has been there ever since.
I don't get to visit Willow very often, but when I have, she has been very settled with her herd, and very definitely not interested in me, which is good, because I know she is happy where she is. The Facebook link is great, as I can keep up with the goings on at the farm, and look forward to seeing the photos updated and seeing what Willow has been up to.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Monshall Farm, and if and when my current mare has to retire, I would send her to Natalie too!

Heather Caddick
I have known Nat since she was a little girl in the early 80's when she came for riding lessons with her little pony Tuppence. Her next pony Primrose was a star. As a little girl, hard work never bothered her and her life was Primrose. Over the years I have followed Natalie's progress from ponies to horses and she has ALWAYS had a good name in the area for looking after her animals and they were always turned out well.

4yrs ago it was me who went to Nat for her help to look after my 3 ancient ponies while I dealt with the fallout of the passing away of my husband. What can I say. I had to leave one behind because he had fallen in love with another pony there, so was obviously quite happy to be in Nat's care. The other 2 were delivered back to me a few months later in beautiful condition. I am very proud that one of my very 1st pupils has gone on in the horse world and has not lost the love and energy to look after the horses in her care. I would even say she goes that extra mile to make sure that all of the horses and ponies in her care get the best attention and love. This is not the run of the mill Retirement Home for horses: it is one of the BEST.

Michele Poole
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